Lombard, IL

Lombard is a suburb eighteen miles west of Chicago IL. Upon ten square miles of land, roughly student.jpg45,000 people live in Lombard homes. They only require 68 cops to keep them safe. Homeowners work in retail, manufacturing, construction and the professional services. Their kids attend one of eight elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Then they attend Midwestern University, College of DuPage or Wheaton College. Actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Morris the Cat once lived on Lombard real estate.

Babcock's Grove was settled by brothers Ralph and Morgan Babcock in a grove of trees. Glen Ellyn grew to the east and Babcock's Grove to the west. In 1837, the stagecoach line brought people from Chicago as well as new settlers to the area. Timber, the DuPage River and excellent soil formed the basis of the Babcock's Grove economy. When the railroad came through in 1849, farmers got their produce to market faster, more settlers bought Lombard properties and the stagecoach line died out. Banker Josiah Lombard planned the town and incorporated it in 1869 as a commuter town. It worked, and cheese factories and creameries sprang up among the town's dairy farms. Lombard developed its parks and gardens, thereby drawing new residents. Today, the town boasts 45,000 residents and going strong. To see more Lombard history, please click here

New owners of Lombard IL homes for sale will enjoy proximity to many parks and recreational facilities. The recreational facilities feature water parks, golf course, boating, fishing and ice skating. The parks offer playgrounds, shelters or picnic tables, ball fields, some swimming, some boating and some fitness centers. Most of the parks feature walking paths. The boating and fishing facilities offer walking paths, too. Some of the parks feature natural areas, wetlands or gardens. These, too, have walking paths. For maps, directions and phone numbers, please click here

A Lombard realtor will be happy to tell the new home owner what attractions are available in the area. We know all the best ones are important to new buyers so their families can enjoy their weekends and vacations. Beginning with Little Orphan Annie, why not see the house she was drawn in? Dr. William LeRoy originally owned the house, but was bought in the early 1900s by Harold Gray's parents. Harold was the cartoonist who drew Little Orphan Annie, and some of the house was incorporated into the cartoon. Then let the Sheldon Peck House show you how life was lived in 1839, when he was an original settler. He was a portrait painter, taught school in his house and was a stop on the Underground Railroad. To see more attractions, please click here

A Lombard real estate agent will also be happy to tell the Lombard home buyer about events in town. Do you like karaoke? Try out DJ & Karaoke @ French Quarter New Orleans Kitchen and have some fun with the neighbors. Find out what Connect Biz Network is at Casey's Lunch. To see more events, please click here

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